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About Us

About Company
‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu’. That single step came for TRIPSSHIP INCREDIBLE PVT. LTD. in the September 2021 – the year of new foundations and the year of new beginnings! With the idea to create a world of affordable tourism and to explore as well as innovate new avenues in the travel industry, we set out on a journey to achieve ‘Our goal become a big Travel Company, with a large number of happy travellers in INDIA’, a feat we are strongly working towards every day.
TRIPSSHIP INCREDIBLE PVT. LTD., know that there is nothing better than the experiences and memories you are able to create when you travel to new places with our tour packages. With TRIPSSHIP, you can head out and indulge in the exploration of an unknown destination or revisit your favourite spots in places that hold a lot of memories, you can meet new people from various walks of life, and mark another spot on the map that you have covered; there is nothing better than travel.
There is a very old saying,
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
  • Your tour is our first priority.
  • We are committed to serve you better.
  • Portal is one of the best travel website.
Successfully navigate the globe and uplift your spirit as you discover new horizons, experience new cultures and adventure beyond your dreams with us. Unleash your passion and explore the world! Through our direct sales distribution model, our Independent Representatives have the freedom of earning part-time or full-time income by helping people realize their own leisure and vacation dreams and by showing others how sharing our membership can create its own financial rewards through a business of their self.
TRIPSSHIP INCREDIBLE PVT LTD is to become the largest and most successful tourism host agency in the INDIA along with members in the next 5 years offering the most value, greatest technologies and tools, innovations and advancements in the travel space and change the most lives for the better along the way.
Why Choose Us
Why you choose us to change your Life style?
TRIPSSHIP INCREDIBLE PVT LTD is a best travel services/guide for couples, families, corporates, Groups and makes you travel/tour around INDIA with low cost in best hotels, resorts & pilgrims with best hygiene & tasty food for all ages. If you travel one time along with us, you will get more benefits. (Free travel in INDIA and earning MONEY).
That's a big opportunity for every one who want to fullfill own dream.
Career & Success
If you are starting a re-entrepreneurial career with us, you can start with a direct sales business, not for the money, but for the real-world business training that you will get, then you can make unlimited money.